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Jan-Feb 2018 DCRA newsletter

Since there is so much renovation and development activity in Bloomingdale, I thought that you might like to read this DCRA newsletter.

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re's what's new at DCRA!

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January-February 2018 | Volume 2 | Issue 1

Director's Desk


As we enter into the third month of the New Year, DCRA continues its commitment to evolve and grow to simplify our processes to help our city’s residents and businesses thrive. As part of that evolution, we were excited to unveil a new logo in January. 


As an agency, we understand that enforcing regulations can be a complex process, involving many steps, and often many different agencies. The new DCRA brand conveys clearly that we are the first stop in that process: Start Here! Your first stop in building a safe home and thriving business.

We take our role of being viable partners in the District of Columbia’s building and construction industry very seriously.  Our agency has been an integral part of the growth in the city. Whether it’s opening a business, building a new stadium, starting a non-profit, or making a home more comfortable for an aging relative, DCRA is involved.

Last Fiscal Year, we showed our commitment to the District by working to improve our processes, increasing communication and event outreach, providing training opportunities, and continuing to build partnerships with the community.

  • We hosted 114 events, benefiting 3,947 District residents.
  • We participated in 55 community events that reached 6,021 residents.
  • We hosted 22 educational training sessions that resulted in 911 attendees.
  • We launched 10 new online solutions in Fiscal Year 2017, increasing our online services to 22.
  • We issued 53,896 permits, issued & renewed 26,041 business licenses, conducted 22,977 construction and 2,536 illegal construction inspections, conducted 11,533 housing inspections and 4,231 proactive inspections of apartment buildings, issued 10,801 professional licenses, and processed 13,062 corporations coming into DC.

As part of our branding evolution and our continuation to better serve our customers, we continue to release and provide Safe & Simple initiatives that provide safe outcomes for our community and are simple for our customers. We are more than just a new logo and we will show that by striving for excellence and innovation.

To learn more about our agency, who we are and what we do, view our new agency video below. 

DCRA YouTube Video - 2018 Overview

Melinda Bolling
Melinda Bolling, Director
Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs

Did You Know Graphic


DCRA Launches New Logo, Website, Services &
Web Applications

In January, the Department of Consumer and Regulatory (DCRA) celebrated our new brand changes and the launch of new services within the agency. As part of DCRA’s branding evolution, we unveiled new online services, web applications and our new DCRA website. The revamped website has a fresh look and feel and improved navigation to access agency services to better assist our customers when doing business with DCRA. 

DCRA Staff Wearing New Logo

New Online Services - Now Available!


Created with you in mind for improved navigation and efficiency

The Communications Portal is a place where customers can catch up on the latest happenings at DCRA, access social media posts and check out the latest DCRA event photos and informational videos. 

Document Management
The new Document Management website allows customers to search for DCRA documents and forms by category or by simply typing in the name of the document, giving you access to DCRA documents at your fingertips. 

DC Property & Building Permit Center Graphic
The DC Property & Building Permit Center provides a range of tools to apply for building permits, submit complaints for property violations, and research and analyze permit data. Selected datasets are available for download to allow you to develop your own custom reports.

Data Graphic
DCRA Dashboards is a visualization tool for various data from DCRA such as performance management, permits issued, illegal construction and vacant building data. The dashboards provide greater transparency, allowing customers to take a look at DCRA’s performance in these areas.

Data Connect Graphic
With DCRA Data Connect you can access information about your community. DCRA has created an open data source where you can search for building permits, illegal construction, and blighted properties in Fiscal Year 2017. You can view interactive data, maps and graphs of the data you request. 

Permit Application Tracker
Now you can track your permit application online with the Permit Application Q-Tracker. After your permit application has been submitted, and before it reaches a plan reviewer, you can view your position in line. Depending on your permit application type, you will be able see exactly where your permit application is in the queue of over thirty (30) different review types, allowing you to Skip the Trip to DCRA. 

Preliminary Design Review Meeting (PDRM) Meeting Graphic
Online scheduling for Preliminary Design Review Meetings (PDRM) are also now available. This new online service allows permit applicants, applying for permits for large-scale construction projects, to meet with DCRA reviewers before submitting their plans to DCRA. PDRMs help ensure everything is in order prior to filing your plans and that the plans are compliant with DC Building Codes and regulations - providing an easier permit approval process. The new online service allows you to schedule a PDRM and upload plans and related documents prior to your meeting. The ability to schedule your PDRM online will make filing faster and simpler.

Laptop cellphone DCRA graphic
The Property Information Verification System (PIVS) 2.0 has been upgraded for a better user experience. PIVS is a resource where users may research property, regulatory and enforcement information on specific properties. Users may search by a specific street address or square-suffix-lot (SSL) number. For more information, visit

Be sure to visit regularly to check in on what’s new, as well as, connect with us on social media. Like DCRA on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Event Recap Graphic


DMPED Cluster Open House


DMPED Open House Collage

On January 11, 2018, the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) participated in the second annual DMPED Open House at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The DMPED Open House featured agencies from the Economic Development Cluster of the DC Government and was hosted by the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) Brian Kenner.

The event featured all cluster agencies with staff on hand to engage with residents, stakeholders and the community and discuss their agency initiatives. Attendees were able to chat with agency directors in the Director’s Corner where DCRA’s Director, Melinda Bolling spoke about DCRA’s updates and advances including the agency’s recent rebranding, new website and online services. The Open House also featured “DC Makers” such as small businesses, artists and entrepreneurs, other partner agencies, and private sector organizations working in the DC economic development space. The event was an exciting opportunity to connect with over 1,000 members of the community, provide valuable information and services, and support local small businesses.

National Capitol Region Building Code Academy Training at DCRA

NCRBCA Code Training Graphic Collage

Through our ongoing partnership with the National Capitol Region Building Code Academy (NCRBCA), the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) offers monthly training and educational opportunities for DCRA staff, DCRA-approved Third Party Agencies, trade professionals, contractors, architects, and engineers. 

On December 19, 2017, DCRA and NCRBCA conducted training to review the DCRA Building Code requirements for 2-Unit Flats and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). The training included schematic design and permit strategy; permit process for existing flats/English basements/ADU; Change of Use and the Certificate of Occupancy processes; and International Existing Building Code (IEBC) Levels and Change of Use. Attendees received International Code Council (ICC) Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Also, in December 2017, DCRA’s Green Building Division also hosted five training events through NCRBCA. The classes offered were Commercial Energy Code Review, Commercial Energy Inspections, Commercial Green Code Inspections, Commercial Green Code Review, and Residential Energy Code Review and Inspections.

On January 25, 2018, DCRA and NCRBCA conducted training on grounding and bonding, theory and procedures, as well as, discussions about grounding and bonding requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC) and International Residential Code (IRC). Attendees received a certificate of completion and ICC CEUs.

On February 14, 2018, DCRA and NCRBCA conducted 6-hour training on braced walls for plan reviewers, combination construction inspectors, architects, and engineers. This class reviewed the IRC sections R602.10 - Wall Bracing, and R602.12 - Simplified Wall Bracing. 

On March 29, 2018, we will be offering a 4-hour training which will cover fire rated ducts and enclosures. There will be four sections to the class that will include segments on smoke control, mechanical, building, and fire. 

WDCEP’s 2017 Annual Meeting + ECON Showcase

WDCEP’s 2017 Annual Meeting + ECON Showcase

On December 12, 2017, The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) Small Business Resource Center (SBRC) attended WDCEP’s 2017 Annual Meeting + ECON Showcase at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The purpose of the event was to celebrate economic impact in the nation’s capital. SBRC was available to engage with attendees and distribute information related to small business. The event was a great opportunity to get inspired by the future of DC and help shape the direction of our city.

DCBIA/DCRA Technical Training and Discussion

DCBIA 2nd Annual Technical Training

On December 7, 2017, the District of Columbia Building Industry Association (DCBIA) and the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) partnered for an educational seminar and technical training at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The discussion dove into the many components of DCRA that impacts DC construction and development. This was an informative, must-attend event for anyone working in DC construction regularly interacting with DCRA.



On December 4, 2017, the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) joined DC's local non-profit organization S.O.C.K.S to provide warm socks to our homeless and displaced population. DCRA's Wellness at Work program did a wonderful job coordinating the ‘SOCK IT TO POVERTY’ Sock Drive, collecting and donating over 3,000 pairs of socks.

Upcoming Events Graphic

DCRA Data Graphic

Enter DCRA Data Dashboard
DCRA Dashboards is a tool that graphically displays DCRA permits, business and professional licenses, enforcement, and inspections data. The dashboards provide greater transparency, allowing customers to take a look at DCRA’s performance.

Search for DCRA Data
DCRA Data Connect is a tool that allows access to information about permits issued, illegal construction, and vacant building data. Data can be viewed via CSV files and maps.  

If you have any questions regarding this newsletter, please contact the DCRA Communications Team at DCRA actively uses feedback to improve our delivery and services. Please take a minute to share your feedback on how we performed in our last engagement. To subscribe to other DCRA email communications, please subscribe to your topics of interest

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