Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Unified Scene Theater is currently registering for its popular Improv for Business Leaders (Both Present and Future) Class

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The Unified Scene Theater’s Improv For Business Leaders (Both Present and Future) Class Begins Next Wednesday

We at The Unified Scene Theater are currently registering for our popular Improv For Business Leaders (Both Present and Future) Class, which starts a next Wednesday, February 21st and goes through March 28th (7-9:30 pm).

We hear many reasons why students sign up for an improv class. Everything from “I need better people skills” to “I need to do something fun outside of my job”. What if improv skills could actually enhance your job? What if you could take the fun, joy and life skills experienced with improv and apply these to your work on a daily basis?

In this class, we’ll address a variety of realities and fears business professionals face every day using the lens of improv, from Public Speaking, Going “Off Script," Teambuilding, Listening, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Creativity, and Body Language. Also, this class will be team taught by seasoned veterans of creative organizations, people who have experienced at first-hand some of the individual and cultural challenges described above: Shawn Westfall is not only the Artistic Director of The Unified Scene Theater, but also a former Senior Strategist/Assistant Creative Director at Burson-Marsteller, with 20+ years experience in professional communications, advertising, PR, and strategic messaging. His wife, Kathy Baird Westfall is not only a co-founder of The Unified Scene Theater, but currently is Managing Director of Digital Content and Social Media for all of North America at Ogilvy & Mather, one of the most revered agencies in the advertising industry. 

Again, this course is designed for anyone who works in a business environment, anyone who wants to work in a business environment, or frankly for anyone who works and deals with others at all.

There’s more info, and registration information here. But, before you register, we at The Unified Scene Theater would like to extend to both you the opportunity to register at a discount that will get you 20% off the price of the class: Just use the discount code WORKSHOP when checking out on our online store and you’ll instantly receive 20% off cost. 

Shawn Westfall
Artistic Director
The Unified Scene Theater

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