Monday, May 14, 2018

added to tomorrow's ANC5E meeting agenda: request for a two-year extension of time to begin construction of approved Consolidated PUD for 1600 North Capitol Street NW (the Joe Mamo lot)

See the agenda of tomorrow night's ANC5E meeting supplied by ANC5E Chair Bradley Thomas.  
See this 05-14-2018 addition to the agenda as supplied by ANC5E06 Commissioner Katherine McClelland.

And note that the modification request includes conversion of use from Residential to Retail!  Not a minor modification to the PUD.  

Request for a Two-Year Extension of Time to Begin Construction of Approved Consolidated Planned Unite Development for 1600 North Capitol Street NW


Modification Request for Conversion of Use from Residential to Retail at

1600 North Capitol Street, NW


  1. A retail PUD? Seriously? How could you need enough extra density to justify a PUD for a retail-only project? How is it economically viable, especially in such a prime location? What's he doing - building a strip mall? We need more housing - no thank you on this.

  2. No, Joe Mamo. This isn't good for the neighborhood and we've tolerated your gas station parking lot of doom long enough. Just sell it already and get out of Dodge.

  3. Just emailed the following to ANCs in Bloomingdale/Truxton/NoMa:

    Dear ANC Representatives and civic leaders,

    I'm writing to register a strong objection to Joe Mamo's request for a 2-year extension of "Time to Begin Construction" for 1600 North Capitol.

    The purported reason for his request is to switch from residential to retail, which makes little sense on its face.

    First of all, there is by-right retail at that address.

    Secondly, within 100 yards in several directions, there is unoccupied retail (the Madison ground floor at Florida & Quincy Pl. NW; the Lexicon ground floor at 6 Florida Ave. NW and 10 Florida Ave. NW; the Lexicon ground floor - under construction - at 2 Florida Ave. NE; not to mention numerous vacant storefronts on North Capitol within a 4 block radius; and furthermore retail around the ATF building at Florida & New York, NE; finally the 100+ thousand sq. feet of new retail space surrounding Union Market).

    Thirdly, what the neighborhood needs is more residential space. The average price of a rental in the neighborhood is $2,000 per month. The average sale price of a condo is >$500,000.

    All of these facts are intuitive and obvious to anyone who lives in the Truxton/Bloomingdale/NoMa neighborhoods. Build homes, condos, apartments, because that's what the corner and the neighborhood and the city needs.

    ALAS, THEY ARE NOT OBVIOUS TO MR. MAMO. Why not? Because he does not live here. He has never lived here. He doesn't even know anyone who lives here. I've lived in this neighborhood for 15 years now, and the lot at 1600 North Capitol has been nothing but an eyesore. Empty lots invite criminal activity, none more tragic than the murder of Seth Rich that occurred at that corner in July of 2016. One cannot but wonder if a more vibrant intersection could have deterred the crime.

    Joe Mamo is a gas station manager who owns multiple gas outlets. Good for him for making money selling a commodity product. That doesn't make him a good landlord, absentee owner, or neighbor. This extension isn't about his ability to make positive money on the property. Anyone who's lived in Truxton/Bloomingdale/NoMa for 5 minutes could make money selling their property. This is about him wanting to extract maximum profits at the expense of the quality of life of his "neighbors." He's a "Real Estate Magnante" and he's using us. (

    Speaking for the neighborhood, I say "Fish or cut bait!" Go away, Joe Mamo and milk us no more.


    Bloomingdale/Truxton/NoMa Resident

    1. BCC, that was not the Rich case but the sad murder of Billy Mitchell you’re thinking of.

  4. FYI, the ANCs were not satisfied that Joe Mamo's representatives had done their necessary due diligence. They voted to hear more information at that their next meeting which will be June 5th. The BCA would like the opportunity to get more information and be able to provide input as well.