Thursday, March 07, 2019

HPRB voted today to support the design for the 1600 North Capitol Street NW development project; a laundry list of design changed were suggested, which will be accommodated by the consent process

I and other neighbors testified at today's HPRB hearing on the 1600 North Capitol Street NW, as did ANC5E06 Commissioner Karla Lewis.

The DC Historic Preservation Office (HPO) staff report had a number of suggested changes to the design.  The HPBR members produced a laundry list of changes to the proposed building design as well.

The feedback provided by Bloomingdale architects who submitted letters prior to today’s HPRB hearing was also referenced.

There was general interest in not suggesting huge changes that would punt the project back to the BZA.

It was decided that the suggested changes would be accommodated through the consent process, which means no further HPRB hearings. 


BCC said...

Oh that's a relief - since Jomo has such a long history of respecting the neighborhood and neighbors.

Jenifer said...

At a minimum I hope they remove those white popup shacks on the too floor and that peculiar white round dish rack on top of the tower part. Why would anyone memorialize rooftop popups is beyond me!as for the rack, ridiculous!