Wednesday, February 03, 2021

McMillan message from Daniel Wolkoff: "Join our next filing in the DC Court of Appeals"

From: Daniel Wolkoff <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 3, 2021 12:39 AM
Subject: please post from Brookland Resident


Join our next filing in DC Court of Appeals, on the environmental issues, like potential asbestos contamination of the 1,350,000 cubic feet of concrete to be pulverized and release dust into our Bloomingdale environment and water supply.. , call Daniel Goldon  Wolkoff, 202-232-8391


Support Save McMillan Park, especially if you enjoy urban wildlife, help stop McMillan Town Center and KEEP for all generations, for all your kids, and your grand kids, OUR public 25 acre open green space. WE must stop "The Monstrosity on Michigan Avenue". No way do we need to be held hostage by corrupt Bowser/Gray/McDuffie, "deals for developers", their well connected developer conglomerate foisting on us their illegal "No Bid" boondoggle, theft of our public resources.. It is ridiculous to deny the numerous ways we can get one supermarket, and WE CAN SAY  NO TO  50 ugly buildings paving our park land,  doubling traffic on North Capitol our main thoroughfare, already very polluted, and 600 buses to ferry rich condo owners to the metro each day.


We want a gracious city with decent real green-space, and proper urban planning and real increased mass transit. DC is our city its not not Bowser/ Mendo/ McDuffie's, drunk with power and subservient to their FRIENDS mega developers. We do not improve public health with massive overcrowding, high density private corporate projects paving over our existing healthy green space and National Register Historic Site. McMillan's special African-American cultural and Civil Rights story for our city matters.


Our park land for urban gardens, outdoor schools, jogging , sunset walks, meetings, our recreation, sports, concerts and numerous public amenities to benefit us. . THIS IS corruption in action, a massive transfer of public wealth, and you are either against it? or encourage it?


Bowser colludes with mega developers VMP to steal our public land, profit by taking away our only chance for our big DC Central Park and they never gave us any choice at all after wasting in blatant racial discrimination the entire site and $9.3 million for 34 years, an atrocious government ABUSE! Now corporate welfare give away. The super urbanization of McMillan Park is a corruption of our environment, our city finances desperately needed in other critical areas,WE DEMAND RE-direct the $71 million in the 2021 budget, call the City Council ,,oh but they are corrupt too damnit! Right or this would never have happened at all. Any City govt.not corrupt would be thrilled to deliver to its residents a gracious EXISTING open green 25 acre park, for our heath and our environment.  The DC govt has been ATROCIOUS,  destructive hanlding of McMillan.WE CANNOT REWARD THAT!!!.        

In the words of At-Large-Council-Member and convicted felon Michael Brown to the Judge upon sentencing for govt. contract fraud and bribery, "I couldn't resist the culture of corruption on the DC City Council" so dear neighbors please get involved call 202-232-8391 Come lets do this, Daniel Wolkoff email we have renewed our efforts, new committees to help, and we are sticking in the courts to stop illegal development on our land and in our name.

Daniel Goldon Wolkoff

1231 Randolph Street, NE
Washington, DC 20017
Tel: 202-232-8391


BCC said...

You might find further support among the thousands of physicians/nurses/technicians/etc who work at the hospital complex (Children's, the VA, and Washington Hospital Center). Everyone traveling north up N Cap gets diverted to 1st NW at Channing (no left at Michigan). Everyone has to sit through many light cycles depending on the time of day (depending on shifts). It's bad enough to wait 10 minutes to cross Michigan and 1st at 6:30 AM now, I can only imagine the nightmare with development at McMillan.

nobodyhomehere said...

You might also stop suing.

neochen said...

I’ve lived in Bloomingdale for 13 years and this is the first I’ve ever heard the “oh my god, there’s asbestos” argument. The only thing consistent about those opposed to McMillan is their consistent changing of stories to support their cause, and their love of lawsuits.

Kevin Rapp said...

Daniel, there are residents in Bloomindale that support your cause. But, it is not, "our Bloomindalge". You do not live in Bloomingdale.

nobodyhomehere said...

We could pitch in for a spellchecker and some program to automatically lower-cased unnecessarily capitalized words.