Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Sunday Bagels, and Cinnamon Rolls - PreOrder from Big Bear

We're making fresh-baked bagels again this Sunday.
Order 4 plain or everything bagels fresh-baked in our little wood-fire oven.

Comes with whole milk cream cheese, and garlic-chive cream cheese with an optional Smoked "Smokey Mountain" Citrus Cured Wild Salmon.
Order early. Orders sell out fast. 

4 Fresh-Baked Wood Oven Bagels\
everything and plain 
made with Castle Valley Mill stone-ground flour 
roasted in the wood oven 
Plain Whole Milk Cream Cheese 
Garlic Chive Cream Cheese 
Smoked Wild Salmon  
Smokey Mountain Citrus-Cured
Caramel-Sugar Cinnamon Rolls 
with mascarpone cream

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