Wednesday, January 24, 2007

housing in eckington

here is a link to the "Basilica Lofts" in eckington

I believe the original plans for this row called for all of it to be retail. at least the ground floor. looks like its all residential now.


  1. They must not be looking at your blog with so many people wanting more business in the area.

    The dark color paint for the top levels is reminicent of the paint on the 4th floor of the house on the southwest corner of 1st and S NW.

  2. the color is different and, in my opinion, much nicer than the rendering.

  3. That's good to know because the color in the rendering - well, it makes me wonder - what were they thinking? haha Seriously though the building is indeed a beautiful one.

  4. On the map part of their website, they have the address listed for these lofts as 1900 4th Street SE.

    The ground floor units, the doors, the windows, etc. look like they were originally meant to be businesses, and were modified at the last minute.

    That would've been a pretty tough spot to have some sucessful retail, in my opinion. Expecially not the kind of retail we've been clamoring for.

    It's not the prettiest development, but it's an improvement. I think Macy also did the repulsive Capitol Overlook on R between Second and Third NE. They maximize the lot area to the detriment of the adjacent rowhomes. So the rowhomes on either side of the modern sore thumb building now abut a gray cinder block wall on one side. It's offensive.


  5. I think there's a problem with the incentive system in real estate. developers just want to make $$ but don't have vested interest in making the neighborhood any nicer. It'd be nice if developer consulted more with neighbors/residents when drawing up their plans.

  6. JTE or Sean: Do you have a photo of the Capitol Overlook? I own a house on R Street but live out of town (and have not been to DC for three years)

    Second: This development is listed as being in Eckington, why is the address 1900 4th Street *SouthEast* ?