Sunday, June 29, 2008

cabs in bloomingdale

after never showing up when i called to request a cab, i wont be calling Diamond Cab again. I'd recommend others to not waste their time. i'm not a very experienced cab user, but i would think that cabs ought to at least show up, and dispatchers shouldn't be rude to you on the phone. rudeness always looses my business.
thankfully, just before the deluge at around 9:00 PM last night, we hailed a cab on north capitol.

When you need a cab, what company do you call?

here is some more info on cabs.

First 1/6th mile - $3.00
additional 1/6 mile $0.25
wait rate per hour $15
maximum fare $19
additional paasengers $1.50

rate for hire $25
large luggage in trunk $2.00
luggage handled by driver $0.50
dispatch charge $2.00
Fare During Snow Emergency +125%


  1. Looks like you answered your own question.

    Don't call a cab at all.

    Just walk to North Capitol Street or Rhode Island Avenue -- and just hail a cab.

    It has always worked for me.

    -- Scott Roberts.

  2. I find that they never show up and it can be impossible to find one on North Capitol outside of rush hours.

  3. I have had TERRIBLE experiences calling for a cab since moving to this neighborhood. Diamond Cab, in aprticularly, has the rudest operators and they never give any real estimated time of arrival.

    Instead, I've been calling Yellow Cab at (202) 544-1212 - at least their drivers send an automated call to your line, giving you an estimated time of arrival, which is always 9 minutes or less from the time of dispatch.

    Let us know how it goes!

  4. We've also experienced problems actually getting a cab after several phone calls to multiple cab companies.
    We have a friend who often visits from the Bay area on business, so he stays downtown at a hotel. We'll have him over for dinner. We've then tried calling for a cab for him. He has often waited 45 minutes for a cab -- and to no avail. I think we got one to show up within 15 minutes one time. The rest have been no shows.
    My husband ends up walking him to the corner of N. Capitol and Florida to find multiple cabs just sitting there.
    Is there someone we can report this to? I thought we were the only ones having this repeated problem.

  5. looks like diamond is in the car wash business now....guess they don't have time to send cabs up our way.

  6. Thanks for the tip on yellow cab. I've had consistent success with Diamond if I am headed to the airport, but no luck whatsoever if I want to go to another destination within DC.

  7. I second the recommendation on Yellow Cab. Certian nights of the year can be more difficult such as the obvious New Years Eve and when large conventions are in town. The best advice I can gove is to tell the operator you want to go to Georgetown and then when in the cab let the driver know your plans have changed and give them you intended destination - works every time.