Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bloomingdale being invaded by starlings ??

From a Thomas Street NW resident:

A couple of years ago, I saw on television a block on Capitol Hill that was invaded by starlings. I wish I hadn't because it is scary. These starlings took the block over and pooped all over the streets, the cars, etc. If you let your dog out, you had to clean his feet before letting him in the house. I've been seeing more starlings and seagulls here in Bloomingdale and more of their poop all over my house and adjacent houses. When these birds breed, their offspring remain and breed in the same trees (at the rate of 3 birds a season) which is why they took over that block on Capitol Hill. I wondered why there were all these newcomer birds around T and Thomas Street NW when I saw a person living at ll5 T Street NW putting out food. Please do yourself and the neighbors a favor and stop this unless you want to clean your dog's feet and your car perpetually.

Starlings can survive on anything and need no food.


Anonymous said...

The person at 115 T St is my 78 year old mother. She loves all and meant no harm. She will no longer feed them.

Anonymous said...

This is bullshit. You have to be kidding me. You don't want us to feed the birds???? OMG, this is like some crazy April Fools joke. What next? Quit feeding and walking the damn dogs...have you seen the shit they leave behind? Give me a break.

More effort should tbe made to have neighbors pick up the crap from their dogs that they watch take a dump in my yard.

Anonymous said...

The two other comments--- classic.

I think some birds have been living in a cranny in my house. Relieved to know they weren't rats.

Anonymous said...

Your blog moderator here -- on the north side of V Street NW between Flagler and 2nd Street NW, I noticed a huge flock of starlings centering upon a tree in front of one of the two apartment buildings there yesterday. An invasion? I don't know.