Tuesday, February 09, 2010

stolen mail in Bloomingdale

Okay, there appears to be interest in stolen mail, so here is an Email that your blog moderator received today from a Bloomingdale resident:

Just wanted to add a note that on S street NW (between 1st and 2nd) we had a stolen package this afternoon. Please consider having your packages sent to work - I am currently in the process of trying to contact several outstanding orders to get addresses changed. It was left opened with insulation strewn out of the package right on the front stoop of our house in plain view, so apparently our neighbors did not notice. We happened to be at work today, but with so many people home, I'm really surprised the perpetrator is still walking right up to people's front doors to take property. Please keep your eyes open so we can stop this as soon as possible! We were considering setting up a webcam and leaving package out again but we don't have a working camera at the moment. Anyone? ;)

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Anonymous said...

Note - you'll see the extended story above. That's the culprit, holding the game she stole out of our package! Too bad that's the ONE day we were at work this week. We reported to the local USPS (message only - no one picked up) and the mail theft division, and made a note on the case so the thefts in our area would be linked. I can't believe MPD can't do anything about it, esp with a picture...