Wednesday, February 10, 2010

helping elderly neighbors with snow shoveling, etc.

See this 2/10/2010 message from an Eckington resident on the unit block of R Street NE:

As this snow gets deeper, I am of course worried about my elderly neighbors on R Street NE in Eckington. Reasoning through it, I know that two of my elderly neighbors both live with their children, so their children will help. My neighbor immediately next door is an elderly widow who lives alone. Though she does have family in the neighborhood, we are checking on her/assisting with shoveling as needed and possible.

Could you send out a note to the list to ask everyone to do the same thing, i.e. make a mental note of their elderly neighbors, what their resources are (family wise), and go over to check on them and assist with shoveling as needed? After so many days of snow, some of them may be beginning to run out of staples and/or medications. Even if they are just fine, I'm sure they will appreciate a friendly face--and it never hurts to ask
if someone could use a little help--especially since a lot of people probably have time on their hands!

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