Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bloomingdale resident & author Natalie Hopkinson interviewed in Australian documentary "In The Chocolate City"

Watch this documentary from the Australian Broadcast Company ( titled ``In the Chocolate City``.

It includes an interview with Bloomingdale resident and author Natalie Hopkinson.

You can see Natalie working in a room in her home. And you can see Natalie stepping out of the front door of her Bloomingdale rowhome and sitting on the front steps.

Here is the link: .

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Anonymous said...

"But not far beyond the White House and the Capitol building and the Stars and Stripes flapping in the breeze lies a very confronting place. The real Washington DC – and it’s anything but privileged and powerful.

It is predominantly black, burdened by deprivation, crushed by crime and drugs and feels utterly abandoned by political leadership.

You won’t hear too many refrains of America the Beautiful here. You might hear gun-fire and arguments. But you’ll certainly hear Go-Go. It’s an unmistakable beat thumping away in the corners and spaces of the badlands that’s lifting hearts and rousing spirits."

Seriously? It's not 1990 anymore...