Sunday, August 15, 2010

need roof recoating & repair work: seeking recommendations

See this request:

I am looking to get my roof re-coated and to have some repair work done and looking for recommendations for roofers who have reasonable rates. I live on the unit block of U street NW.

Moderator comment:
Of course, be sure to check out the roofing referrals at the Bates Area Civic Association website under the Home Services tab:


Anonymous said...

Rod Kahn
Cavericci Contracting

He did exactly what you're looking for (repair + recoat) for me. I especially liked that he brought me up on the roof to show me what required fixing and what could wait. He gave me a list of options at different prices, and the rates seemed very fair.

shelly said...

I just had to have a completely new rubber roof put on and I can't recommand Thomas Martinez enough 240-398-8695. He does the roofing for my other house and when I had a leak the builder couldn't seem to fix after several attempts Thomas came in found it and fixed it first time. Did same thing with my Bloomingdale house

lisa said...

I had my roof replaced in Jan 2009 by Springfield Roofing(703-354-3229). They did a great job quickly and the price was fair. I had the flat portion of a rowhouse roof replaced as well as the slate on the cupola. Email me at if you want more details.

EPDM Coatings said...

In fact i was looking for some proper and long lasting roof repair solution because i have repair my roof two times but it still leaking.

Anonymous said...

I have used Templeton Roofing (301) 935-5516 for 15+ years. They are very reasonable in price and do good work.

Anonymous said...

Rose Roofing repaired our flat roof. I was quite pleased with the quality of work, the price, and their customer service.
It looks like they continue to get good ratings on Consumer Checkbook.

Anonymous said...

i just had my house redone and LOVED the guy who did it: very fast, super responsive, and excellent work. his contact info is

Monique said...

I once had my roof recoated coz' I noticed that the house is quite old and it needed a new look. I contacted the Calgary roofer that my friend has recommended. Surprisingly, the service was awesome and the rate is very reasonable.

Since the contractor was there already, I also had them checked my roofing. Calgary, where I currently live, are fortunate to have such professional contractors that we can easily call for.

I wish you that your roofing request will be solved and I hope it will be fixed soon.