Monday, August 09, 2010

? is it time to start a new thread about Big Bear Cafe ?

Okay, here is a comment about Big Bear Cafe from a resident of S Street NW:

As a long time resident of Bloomingdale, I long for the days when Big Bear Market sold beer through a bullet proof carry out window at all hours of the night and loud intoxicated patrons with alcoholic beverages in paper bags loitered in the street for all to see and hear. They were a fine example for our children.

Come on. Let's get real. Do you honestly think the reincarnated Big Bear is going to
go back to the good old days? I think not. Sigh, this neighborhood is loosing its edge.

As for the parking issue, I request reserved parking on Sundays. It's difficult to find parking with all the churches in the neighborhood. As for me, I walk to church.


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Anonymous said...

Seriously, can't we get Big Bear Liquor back so all these neighbors aren't all congregating enjoying their coffee and light delicious snacks? Meeting neighbors and being a wonderful business in Bloomingdale is so over rated! As for the parking, I would like reserved parking on Sundays also since all the Maryland and Virginia cars take up all the parking. Do you think the manager of the Farmers Market could arrange that for me??

Anonymous said...

Well, interesting perspective. I think the Big Bear is basically a good business in an area that is under served. I also appreciate that when the drug dealers were in front of my house, I could come and go without fear of mugging or theft. The neighborhood has lost it's edge, but the MPD has not provided the type of security that was provided by the "business" people of years past. I expect that the Big Bear will not be selling 40s, but across the street, they still have them...

I am not concerned about the Big Bear. I am concerned about Cathy Lanier and her focus.

With regard to the parking, if your church members are from Maryland, locate your church there... I agree that there is a tremendous parking problem on Sundays, and the good Christian people that attend these neighborhood churches show no regard for the residents. I believe that the "GOOD CHRISTIAN" thing to do would be to make other acceptable arrangements for their patrons, rather than taking all of the spaces that residents would normally be using, and I have not seen any kind of a thank you or other benefit to the neighborhood from the "corner store" chrches.

I would really appreciate being proved that my comments are incorrect.

Anonymous said...

why does church parking always come up when talking about big bear?

i love the fact that people keep coming back to their family churches, even if they've moved on from our neighborhood. didn't many of you move away from home but still retain ties?

i also love big bear.
i also love corner stores.

the drug dealers keeping you safe from muggings works great until bullets start flying, kids get shot, or arrested further messing up their options in life, further destroying and fragmenting our communities.

-bloomingdale resident

Bloomie Res said...

Tired. Of. This. Discussion.

Anonymous said...

To Bloomie Res...


Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 4:01 pm: The reason church parking always comes up is that the critics of Big Bear keep claiming that BB getting a liqour license would result in hordes driving from all over the district to come and visit, and in doing so take all the parking spots. Some of the same people are also using parking as a stick to beat the Farmer's Market over the head with too.

anon said...

so two wrongs make a right?
so you want to knock a church to save face for big bear?
why can't you address and issue on its own merit?
the churches have nothing to do with big bear and bringing them up only serves to causes divisions, not to solve anything.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am the one that wrote about the old time security, but I would like to hear about MPD and how safe you feel. I have not seen any street cops for the last several months. Additionally, the dealers did not allow any violence on our block. If you are thinking that the police are concerned about our neighborhood, I would like to see the evidence.