Sunday, August 22, 2010

watch this Comcast/NBC TV commercial filmed in Big Bear Cafe

Did you know that a Comcast/NBC TV commercial was filmed inside of Bloomingdale's Big Bear Cafe?

You can see the video here:
(sorry, not available any longer)

See the beautiful latte they served. It is from Big Bear Cafe's very own Lenora Yerkes


Sorry, the video to this TV commercial has been removed. Sorry!


Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale said...

Looks like the Washington City Paper Housing Complex column has picked up this story. Go here:

Anonymous said...

I work on this issue and as far as I am concerned BB might as well have done a commercial for Darth Vadar, censorship and increased cable prices for all. Of the over 100 mil this terrible company spent so far to try to get this stupid idea green-lighted by buying off representatives I think it's just insane that they would imply anything good would come from their increased control of the media marketplace in an environment of so little accountability and so little competition. You remember that Comcast unilaterally blocked all bit torrent files and then lied about it and then sued the government to diminish it's role as a protector of the public. Yiu can read all about it at Just around the corner, if this merger goes through, we can expect data caps and tiered pricing...and all tha magical stuff that was floating up in the air of your commercial will be not the movies we want, but innovation, freedom and equal speech disappearing in the air. Don't expect to offer free wireless at bb in that environment, it will cost you more than your monthly coffee bill!

Anonymous said...

If BBC hadn't taken a check from the producing company that did this commercial, that company would have still filmed this same commercial elsewhere in DC. That money supports a local business which probably could really use a boost, and effectively does nothing to further Comcast's agenda.