Wednesday, February 16, 2011

fixing pocket doors

See this post from a Flagler Place NW resident:

I wondered if you could post a simple request on your blog asking for a referral for someone who might know a bit about the beautiful pocket doors some of us have in our homes. Ours is in its pocket and off its hinge I think or something. I would love for it to be in use but have no idea who would have the knowledge to fix such a thing. Any suggestions?


Unknown said...

I have a few pocket doors in my house that were also off the track. The pocket doors are held in place with two "wheels" at top which sit on a metal track. The bottom of the door is runs above a metal "guide" usually attached to the floor.
The way I fixed them was to literally cut the wall open at the height of the track (above the door). This way I was able to lift the wheels back on the track. Another issue I had was that one of the "wheels" was slightly damaged so I had to attempt to fix that as well. They are not perfect but they work.

Scott Roberts of Bloomingdale said...

From a 2nd Street NW resident:

I would strongly caution you to have the doors repaired by a professional specializing in historic old homes.

When I needed insurance work done in my home in 2003, my insurance company recommended
"Paul Davis Restoration" which specializes in restoring old homes. At that time, they did the necessary repairs, however, since then, they have also done a lot of work in my home, and are about to start on my unfinished basement. They are definitely NOT cheap, however, they do know what they are doing, and were recommended initially, by my insurance co.

Paul Davis Restoration is located in Gaithersburg - 301- 948- 8008.

sven said...

Hmm.. their website appears to be down.