Tuesday, February 15, 2011

neighbor witnesses car break-in on Quincy Pl NW on Sunday, 2-13-2011

See this 02/15/2011 message from a Quincy Place NW:

On Sunday afternoon [02/13/2011] around 2pm, I watched a car break-in on Quincy Place NW. I was looking out my window when I noticed a skinny African-American guy hanging around a Honda Element with out-of-state plates. He was lurking, but I thought it **could** be his car. I kept watching. Low and behold, he took a screw-driver and popped the back window out and then broke through the glass with his elbow. He flew into the car like superman and rummaged around for 5 minutes. It was bizarre because he was in no rush and there were at least 3-4 people around -- getting into their cars, walking up/down the street, taking groceries inside, etc. There was even a guy fixing up the car parked immediately in front! Nobody seemed to notice. I was stunned and called 911 as soon as I recognized what was happening. This kind of petty theft enrages me, so I contemplated going outside to approach him -- I had plenty of time. But given recent events in our neighborhood, I decided against it. The police came 15 minutes later, but the guy had already casually walked down Quincy Place NW towards North Capitol Street. He was even laughing as he played with his new accessories. Turns out he got a cell phone and iPod that the owner left in her car.