Tuesday, February 15, 2011

seeking referrals for a housecleaning person or service

From an Eckington resident:

I`m looking for a reliable cleaning woman or cleaning service to clean my house twice a month, ideally someone who already does work in the neighborhood. Any recommendations?


  1. We love Silvia Torrico, who has been cleaning our Bloomingdale house twice a month for a few years. Phone is 703-485-5679 (cell) and 703-671-2586. She was recommended by an Eckington neighbor.

  2. Lemlem Habte has been cleaning our home for a number of years as well as that of a neighbor who recommended her. Her cell is: 240-423-9870. She does a great job and is really a lovely lady.

  3. Malinda is right. Silvia is the best. She treats us like family and is great with pets. I think she's been helping us since 2005. Now, several of my immediate, Bloomingdale neighbors use her.

  4. Lionel McNeil
    (301) 221-9161
    He is local to the nieghborhood. Great price, great job, and he takes keys which is helpful.

  5. I use a woman name Maria. Professional and gets in there.

  6. I'm not so sure you have to hire a cleaning woman , they're not very trustful
    cleaning Sydney