Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Drum Set Needs a Home

I received an email from a new bloomingdale neighbor asking me to pass this along

I recently moved to the District and have yet to find a home for my drumset (my landlord has banned it from my new place). I am looking for a new home for it, preferably with an organization such as a school, church, or community center. I am happy to let you use it as you please, as long as I can come by a couple times per week and practice. I could also possibly play part-time with your band/friends (although a regular time commitment isn't possible for me at the moment).

I live in Bloomingdale, and am hoping to find something in the neighborhood or within biking distance.
Responsibility is a key factor - it's an expensive set and it don't want to see it get damaged or disappear! Preference will be given to community or religious organizations. 

It was also posted on Craigslist here

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