Wednesday, April 20, 2011

seeking a landscaper for a Bloomingdale front yard

See this message from a Rhode Island Avenue NW resident:

I`m desperately seeking a landscaper who is able to give my little area in the front of the property some much needed attention.


day 21 - aka i wanna live said...

Try Basem Saah at he lives in the unit block of S Street. He's not available until after May 11, but I'm sure he'll send you some examples of his work.

Patrick said...

Hi there,

My partner and I just bought a place in Bloomingdale and will be moving in at the end of May. We're very excited about living in such a beautiful and vibrant area and looking forward to meeting our new neighbors.

I'd like to post a blurb to this blog asking about recommendations for a dog walking service (Green Paws isn't up and running yet) and also the status of the Boundary Stone. (Is it still happening? There are a lot of online posts about it in 2010 but silence after that.)

However, I can't figure out how to post to this site! So... sorry for asking these questions as a comment to another post.

Any advice and guidance will be greatly appreciated.


E.E. said...

for dog walking you should talk to Kim Wee at Field to City bodega (formerly Timor Bodega) at the corner of Rhode Island Avenue and 2nd Street.