Saturday, April 09, 2011

established pet store looking to open in Bloomingdale

See this message from Lonna Hooks, Truxton Circle resident and Executive Director, North Capitol Main Street:

Pet store is considering moving to Bloomingdale but wants to gauge interest from community residents.

What services are Bloomingdale residents looking for? We need to demonstrate that we would support such an idea. Will residents shop?




Dog Walking Services

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  1. They've already outed themselves - google Green Paws DC. 1st and Seaton NW, I believe.

  2. I see the post at the website ( about GreenPaws coming to the 2nd floor of 81 Seaton Place NW (which is * not * at the corner of 1st & Seaton Place NW) -- it is the incredibly small buildng * behind * the new Amax Cleaners. But, in any event, it is great to have a pet store in the neighborhood!

  3. i added their link to the list of area business in the right margin

  4. i'm sorry for those that are having problems commenting. not yet sure what the problem is. i received this comment from Green Paws DC:

    Thanks Scenic Artisan for posting our link! We will be opening in about two weeks and are excited to become part of the Bloomingdale pet community. The original post wasn't from us, but it looks like there are some fantastic things happening in the neighborhood! We look forward to seeing you (and your pets) soon,
    The Green Paws Family

  5. I have mixed feelings about this store. While I think it's wonderful that there might be some alternative pet food options close by, and even though I could certainly benefit from the convenience of having grooming and walking services in Bloomingdale, I'm concerned that this will be another business catering to the wealthier residents, and that it will offer prices beyond what many of us in the neighborhood can afford.

  6. Why does every business in the neighborhood have to serve the entire neighborhood? Why does that matter at all? I for one do not have pets and I certainly am not complaining that this business excludes me. Let them see if they can make it successful. The corner stores and supermarkets aren't going to stop selling pet food, everyone is free to shop where they please.

  7. It appears there are plenty of stores in the neighborhood that don't cater to said "wealthier" residents. I don't think there is a single establishment that requires you to be rich to shop there. Even Flagler Market seems a bit overpriced to me... I could get a 6 pack cheaper at the supermarket. And I do....