Thursday, January 12, 2012

Then and Now: North Capitol NW, between Quincy and R Streets

Then: April 29th, 2006

Then: May 19th, 2007:

Then: April 16th 2008
empty, empty, creepy, borf, empty

Now: January 10th, 2012:
still empty, still empty, still creepy, empty, still empty.

Amazing the difference, huh?


  1. That is amazing...when was this last used as a firehouse and what is it now? I'd love to know the address to do some research for a post on my blog. What a beautiful building.

  2. someone can hopefully correct me, but i believe it closed as a firehouse in the early-mid 80's. I think it was a short lived community space after that.
    the address is 1626 North Capitol NW.

    my first time walking into the space was the inspiration for this blog.

    1. Hey, check this out. I found this old B&W photo of the firehouse. Super cool. Gotta love Library of Congress.

  3. oh.. and currently a developer owns hit and is supposed to turn it into a restaurant. I don't know the status of that project.

  4. Hello my name is Ruth Davis-Rogers and I'm the new Executive Director for North Capitol Main Street program. A developer does own it and is currently working to make it into a restaurant(there is no date for opening it yet). What a great reuse for this wonderful old building. If you drive or walk past you can see the progress!

  5. Hi Ruth,
    thanks for commenting. Congratulations on the job. We've been following the saga of the firehouse for a long time on this blog, for about 6 and a half years. From the initial tours, the rfps, the award to NextGen, the different possibilities/restauranteurs. all of it. I love the building and am still excited by what will happend there, but i haven't seen progress in a long time. Do you know the current status?