Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things are Poppin' in Truxton Circle

Check out some of the very cool things happening just to the south of bloomingdale in Truxton Circle

We mentioned FabLabDC before. I'm especially excited about this. I would invite everyone that is interested to contact them to see how you can help make this happen.

Fab Lab

Uncle Chips
I've heard great things about Uncle Chips, but I havent tried them yet. What I do know is that they are NOW OPEN.

Uncle Chip's Cookie, Desserts & Cafe is now open! We are a small
batch bakery specializing in chocolate chip cookies. Ours might even
be the best in the city made with dark chocolate, flax seed and the
perfect combination of chew and crunch. Other items include vegan
granola bars, muffins, specialty sweet breads and white chocolate
dipped shortbread.

Offering breakfast in the AM. Our menu includes bagel sammys,
yogurt parfaits, oatmeal, fresh fruit and Java House coffee.
Everything is fresh and made to order. Please stop by and see us!

Local delivery and on-line ordering also available at

1514 North Capitol Street NW

Hours of Operation:
7 AM - 2 PM Monday - Friday
9 AM - 2 PM Saturday
Closed Sunday

I had probably the best fish and chips I've ever had at ReVive. Fantastic mac and cheese too. I'm not a huge foodie so you'll have to judge for yourself, but i love the place. Go check this newish carry-out place on Florida NW at North Capitol Street.

The Bates Civic Association facebook page indicates that a causal wine bar will be opening at 3rd and Florida NW. More talk of it on PrinceofPetworth. I'm sure many of you know that a wine bar will probably be opening up on North Capitol in Bloomingdale this year too, right?

The New Playground
I don't have a picture of it, but the playground equipment going in at First and Florida makes we wish I was a kid. It looks amazing.

I don't know the timeframe, or really the extent of the entire project, but it looks like things are moving forward in the reconstruction of Dunbar High School. The field at least is all dug up and being worked on.

And though actually in Bloomingdale, but right across the street from Truxton, is the new Studio85 store.
Wow. Good luck to all the new businesses!

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