Sunday, May 17, 2015

05-12-2015 New York Times Travel Section article on DC; Bloomingdale and Rustik Tavern referenced

A number of neighbors have passed along this info about the New York Times Travel Section article about DC, which includes a pic of Bloomingdale's Rustik Tavern:

Here are the relevant paragraphs:
I cycled out New Jersey Avenue to meet an old friend, Jamal Simmons, for an evening in the Shaw and Bloomingdale areas, where he moved five years ago and which he described as “a great blend of the old working-class black neighborhood that has been here forever and a diverse new, upwardly mobile enclave.” (He added that rising housing prices meant that mix wouldn’t last forever.)
My challenge to him: Get me dinner and drinks for $25 of my dwindling budget. He did a fine job — we split a $13.50 “pep pep” pizza (ground lamb and pepper) and an $8 kale salad, sitting outdoors at Rustik Tavern.
With a beer my share came to about $21, leaving enough for a $3 Stroh’s at the otherwise pricey Boundary Stone bar, a former movie theater, furniture store and industrial kitchen. 

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