Thursday, May 28, 2015

neighbor seeking finish carpenter referrals

See this 05-28-2015 request:

i'm looking for a finish carpenter (someone who can install a woodhandrail, trim around doors, pocket door handles, etc,


  1. Handsome Tom (845) 489-5091. He's done work at Rustik, Boundsry Stone, Pub and the People, Red Hen. Good guy. Charges by the hour.

  2. I highly recommend Martin Mendoza. He is one of the best finish carpenters I have worked with and was formerly the lead finish carpenter at the stripping workshop. He patches all kinds of old doors and trim with matching wood, installs and finishes pocket doors, installs and repairs trim, fixes staircase railings, and is a master finisher with stain and varnish. He works all over the city and is staining trip and a staircase in my house in Bloomingdale so stopping by to see your job should be easy. His number is: 202-286-3954

  3. thanks for your recs! greatly appreciated~~