Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Boundary Stone's Gareth Croke is helping feed Langley STEM's bees

From the Facebook page of Langley STEM:

Langley STEM

Boundary Stone DC Pubic House is helping to feed the bees at Langley STEM!
When you start a new hive of bees one of the most common methods is to buy what is called a 3lb package of bees that includes a queen. This is about 12,000 bees. A normal established hive is closer to 60,000 bees so until your new queen is up to speed laying eggs there are not enough bees to forage for nectar and pollen. To help kick start the baby bee boom beekeepers use feeders to provide the bees with sugar water or simple syrup. Bees only eat 100% cane sugar.
Gareth Croke co-owner of Boundary Stone is seen here on the roof of the school feeding the bees simple syrup made from the sugar they donated. When local business supports neighborhood schools everybody wins, even the bees — with Gareth Croke.

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