Thursday, May 21, 2015

tonight! "Neighbor to Neighbor: The Bloomingdale Story: Film Screening and Community Conversation on Resilience"

Attend tonight if you can!

Neighbor to Neighbor: The Bloomingdale Story  Film Screening and Community Conversation on Resilience
St. Georges Episcopal Church
160 U Street, NW, Washington, DC
Thursday, May 21st
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
In September 2012 Bloomingdale was hit by one of the severest storms in recent memory.  As Mike Thomas’ home flooded, neighbors—from different backgrounds and walks of life— came together to help him recover from the storm. This film tells that story.
Why Attend: Storms are hitting the District at an ever-increasing rate. In addition to infrastructure problems, weather crises due to climate change are on the rise: flash floods, severe freezes and snowstorms, and intense heat waves.
Katrina and the Chicago Heat Wave taught us that knowing your neighbors is one of the best predictors of survival. We know that communities with the strongest social connections are also the most resilient (able to bounce back from a challenge).
Bloomingdale, LeDroit Park, and the Southwest Waterfront are on the front line of critical weather events. Come see this insightful short film, share some food (provided), conversation, and wisdom about human connections and the resilience of our neighborhoods. The director of the film, Steve Droter, and Mike Thomas will be available to participate in the conversation. 
This screening is funded in part by the National Geographic Climate and Urban System Partnership (CUSP). For more information contact Stella Tarnay at

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