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from 10-19-2015: DC Water 1st Street Tunnel Community Update

Note that the message below from DC Water is from the 10-19-2015 -- and NOT TODAY.

From: Vickey Wilcher
Sent: Monday, October 19, 2015 11:39 AM
To: Vickey Wilcher;Thomas Lindberg
Subject: FST Community Update

Greetings First Street Tunnel (FST) Stakeholder,
Please see below for important project related information:

  1. Community Hard Hat Tours this Saturday, October 24th: Here is a great opportunity for residents and project stakeholders to see DC Water’s local flood relief construction project up close. You will have the opportunity to see first-hand the main mining shaft, the tunnel boring machine (Lucy), visit other construction areas and speak to the senior construction staff. The purpose of Community Hard Hat Day is to provide the community an opportunity to learn more about this important environmental project.
For your convenience, three separate tours will be offered: 9:00 am; 12:00 noon and 2:30 pm. If you would like to participate, please set aside two to two and one half hours on that day. All tours will begin at the main mining shaft site at 2507 First Street, NW, in the SKJD construction trailer, located at the far end of the site, along the McMillian Sand Filter silos.   Parking is available at the lot across from the main mining shaft site adjacent to the Army Corps of Engineers entrance or at the Bryant Street lot, corner of 2nd and Bryant Street NW.    
Contact Vickey Wilcher at Vickey.wilcher@dcwater.com to make your tour reservation
  1. Pedestrian Safety Mirror at V Street:  SKJD will place a safety mirror on the east sidewalk at the First and V CSA-as requested by residents at the previous Tunnel Forum meeting not later than October 31.
  1. CSA Expansion at V Street: SKJD plans to alter perimeter fencing at the VS-CSA in two locations: keeping the west alley closed for the duration of the project both day and night and enclosing an additional 15’ on the south side of First Street. This will mean the loss of 4-6 parking spaces.  It was determined that these two changes were necessary to safely accommodate the surface equipment required, including crane operations. Those residents adversely impacted by these changes can apply for APA parking tags and use the shuttle service. This change will take place not later than October 31.
  1. Instrumentation Repair along First Street: SKJD sub-contractor, Connolly, has posted temporary “No Parking” signs on the west side of the 2100 block to upgrade and repair instrumentation equipment along First Street. The work will continue in the vicinity of the W St intersection south towards V St. In each area, the work will take about two days; once the work is done, the No Parking signs will be removed. This task should be completed by on or about October 31.  If residents have trouble parking on First Street, please apply for an APA tag to use the off street parking lots and the 24/7 shuttle provided by the project.
  1. Lane Closure-First Street at Thomas Street-SKJD will be installing a force main (sewer pipe) across First Street in two phases. One lane of traffic will always be open. Flaggers will be on site to assist. Lane closures are anticipated to start around the end of November, and continue for approximately one month.
6.   Flagler Parking Restrictions: Flagler Place-SKJD will be placing temporary No Parking signs on west side of Flagler Place from W Street to the CSA.  As you may recall, no parking signs are already posted on the east side of the street. The additional “No Parking” zones are required to accommodate large concrete pours. We expect this to take place over 4-5 non-consecutive days, with the first pour taking place on or about Thursday, October 22. SKJD will provide more details as the work approaches. And 7AM to 7PM parking on the west side of Flagler Place from W Street to the CSA will be restored after the placements are complete.
7. FEMS Mural Project:  The second set of completed doors will be ready for SKJD to install in advance of the Tunnel Tours event.
8. Lucy’s progress: Lucy, the FST Tunnel Boring Machine is proceeding down First Street at a pace of approximately 50 feet a day, and has crossed Bryant Street, where she will stop for some scheduled maintenance.
9. FST Forum Reminder: The next Tunnel will be on Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. at St. George’s Episcopal Church at 160 U Street, NW.
As always, please don’t forget to avail yourselves of the 24 Hour FST Hotline—1-844-FST-INFO [1-844-378-4636]—if you have any questions or concerns about the project. Equally important, if you have not checked the FST website in a while, please visit at: https://www.dcwater.com/workzones/projects/first_street_tunnel/
We appreciate your participation and support in this very important project
Sincere Regards,
The FST Outreach Team
Tom Lindberg, DCCR First Street Tunnel - Public Outreach | DC Clean Rivers Project | DC Water | 5000 Overlook Avenue, SW | Washington, DC 20032 | t (202) 787-4738 | f (202) 787-4478 | Email: thomas.lindberg@dcwater.com | FST web page: http://dcwater.com/workzones/projects/first_street_tunnel/

Vickey M. Wilcher | Public Outreach Officer | DC Clean Rivers Project | DC Water

|Vickey.Wilcher@dcwater.com | (202) 787-4717

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