Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Martin Austermuhle: "Council quickly passes connect agenda, which includes McMillan bills and homeless shelter bills"

See this tweet from WAMU-FM reporter Martin Austermuhle:

And the Council quickly passes connect agenda, which includes McMillan bills and homeless shelter bills.
2:34 PM - 3 Nov 2015 ·

And another tweet regarding McMillan this afternoon:

City Council NEEDED TO VOTE NO to more time for of !
3:20 PM - 3 Nov 2015


  1. Passed and finally on its way to being built! Horray!

  2. In your dreams, Mr Bostonian.

    When someone does something that the City supports, no matter how repulsive the design, no matter how much of a violation of common sense, no matter the increased traffic burden, carbon footprint, how many protected trees are cut down (including the rare elm tree at Fist & Channing) and no matter that the design mocks the historic designation of the property, the City is expected to support the out-of-State developers over any objections that DC taxpayers may have the impudence to suggest.

    This project was originally supported by Harry Thomas Jr (who went to jail because of cash that EYA, the Bethesda-based developer behind this project (Vision McMillan), gave to him for his Audi SUV, motorcycles and golf vacations to Florida). He went to jail, but the City nevertheless rewarded EYA by giving them exclusive non-competitive rights to both plan and be the developer of this taxpayer-owned property. So, the City arranged to give one of its buddies carte blanc for 25 acres of taxpayer-owned property. (that EYA and Jair Lynch and, now Trammel Crow say is worth some negative number of millions of dollars?) And now we are all being told by every office holder that this is a done deal and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

    Well, this is wishful thinking on their part. Harry Thomas Jr got caught taking his money, but it is perfectly legal for Trammel Crow and EYA and Jair Lynch to continue giving money to the Mayor and City Council and most anyone else who extends their hand? (When you are getting public land for free and the City has calculated that this land is worth some negative tens of millions of dollars, there is PLENTY of cash to hand out)

    This is another day at the office for this corrupt government, But, in this case, because the property was purchased from the Federal government with long-standing previously-litigated historic and other development case law in place, this project is going nowhere fast. This project will not be built as we see it now (in its tenth iteration, all of which we've already paid for) The only question is whether it won't be built as currently offered, or it won't be built as currently presented and other people beside Harry Thomas Jr end up going to jail.

    We neighbors have been lied to and bullied by 'The Commiss' and Fontaine and other out-of-town-intererests who won't have to live with First Street in Bloomingdales looking just like North Capitol Street.

    There is usually nothing anyone can do. But, because this Bethesda-based developer and its accomplices, Jair Lynch and Trammel Crow are part of an arrangement that is in such violation of well-known laws, there are sufficient judicial remedies. I know Boston is corrupt. But, TheCommiss, why don't you keep your corruption to yourself up there?

    1. Paul Kirk your the low life scum that this neighborhood has been dealing with over the past ten years. Spitting on, booing and harassing supporters of this project. That';s the real deal. The place is nothing then and nothing now. Build baby build...so real DC residents have jobs, housing an d services...they need to eat now not in 30 years... DC bought this land to develop...PERIOD!

  3. McMillan is a National issue, of National significance. Your govt. in DC tried to diminish McMillan, erase it's historic, engineering, social, and civil rights importance, and replace it with "talking points" from Fontaine PR firm. A fence that keeps itself up, and a park kept it's own people off for 287 years, a 1906 plan by Olmsted that doesn't exist.The Highline in NY, wasn't a park, it was a train track, now a super hit as adaptive reuse park..

    Read the nomination to the National Register of Historic Places, and see what a fabulous thing DC govt. is destroying. Don't you ever realize what a huge scam the govt, and it's client developers are pulling? The biggest corporate welfare abuse and land theft since Manhattan.
    Thank God we finally have a DC official, Auditor Kath Patterson and Council At-Large Elissa Silverman who question a corrupt, destructive collusion between multi billion dollar Trammel Crow and our Mayors and the rest of the hacks on the Council, like Chair Mendelson, who rubber stamp everything.
    Trammel Crow spent over $100,000 for a single appointment with their hot shot lobbyists, The Carmen Group, and Independent Council-member David Grosso. He talks about open and transparent govt., and urban agriculture, but told McMillan Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture " McMillan, don't go there", like a Mafioso. He suddenly came out strong for the development, and said we should have outdoor art at McMillan. Just not the historic Herbert Adams Three Muses memorial fountain. Grosso is an art aficionado, he named his dogs, Diego and Frida!

    McMillan Park was part of the plan for the National Mall, and is supposed to include national memorials. What an utter distortion, theft, corruption, and environmental mess. They predict one new car every nine seconds on First St, from "The Monstrosity on Michigan Avenue", do the math Commish, and learn to spell!
    Washingtonians, you can be a founder of DC's Central Park, fight Bowser aqnd her Fresh Pac insult, Mendelson, McDufie and VMP. Smite The Pharaoh!