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11-30-2015 Dining Traveler article mentions Big Bear Cafe & El Camino

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I share with my favorite budget eats in DC. On the list: for yummy tacos
10:29 AM - 8 Dec 2015

Affordable Places To Eat In DC


Like any big city, living in Washington, DC can be expensive.  There’s always an exciting event to attend or a new restaurant to check out that bites at the pocket.  Also, let’s not forget all the travel that can easily be done from the city that snips at my paycheck.  That being said, I am always looking for affordable places to eat in DC.   When I talk “affordable” I don’t mean junk food but delicious fast casual places that will cost less than $20 for a meal and a drink.  So when Expedia.com asked me to share my top picks for cheap eats in the district I knew exactly what to recommend. From Mediterranean to hoagies, these are my favorite places for a cheap bite in the city:
Big Bear Café:  Want to eat like the locals in DC do, head to Bloomingdale for lunch at Big Bear Café.  If the weather is nice, take advantage of their beautiful outdoor seating and take in the unique architecture of the neighborhood.  I used to live right around the corner and became obsessed with the pastrami sandwich, washed down with a Stiegl Radler, an orange Austrian beer.  Dining Traveler Tip:  if you love farm to table, check out Big Bear Café’s dinner menu.
El Camino:  Another one of my picks in the Bloomingdale neighborhood is El Camino.  This is also a place where I take my visiting friends for a local vibe, great happy hour, and tacos for $2.50.  My favorite:  the chorizo taco, lightly spicy on a soft tortilla.  I truly appreciate how they don’t skip on the meat given the low price.  Late night hunger?  The restaurant is open until 11:30pm on weekdays and 12:30am on Friday and Saturday.

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