Thursday, March 03, 2016

YouTube package theft video

See this tweet and YouTube video:

Brian Smith@bgsmithdc 34 minutes ago

See this accompanying message posted at the MPD-5D list at Yahoogroups:

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Sent: Thursday, March 3, 2016 8:24 PM
To:; Lanier, Cathy (MPD) ; Fitzgerald, William (MPD) ; McDuffie, Kenyan (Council) ; Mayor, ;
Subject: [MPD-5D] Bloomingdale Package Thefts

Mayor Bowser, Councilmember McDuffie, Chief Lanier and Commander Fitzgerald -

My name is Brian Smith and I am a Bloomingdale resident (and a 20+ year resident of DC). On February 22, 2016, I had the fifth package stolen from my front porch in a little over a year. In the past I shrugged this behavior off, but this past month I installed a video camera and after posting this video of the incident to NextDoorDC, I quickly came to realize that package theft is rampant in Bloomingdale and the surrounding neighborhoods. 

After a bit of investigation, I understand that the Mayor and City Council are doing little to deal with this issue...including cutting the budget to some of the efforts that were used to deal with this issue in the past. Instead of proposals rewarding criminals for "not behaving badly" (i.e. breaking the law), how about the reinstitution of some of the efforts that were used in the past? (And yes Councilmember McDuffie, I am speaking directly about your latest proposal paying "at risk" individuals a stipend to not commit crimes).

I look forward to your reply.

Brian Smith

P.S. Chief Lanier and Commander Fitzgerald - the MPD officer (Priscilla Santana Badge #2622 - incident # 16-026-592) responding to this petty theft and the follow up have been impeccable and very much appreciated...this is more about our leaders decision that rewarding criminals is a better option than simply enforcing the law.


  1. I recently moved to Bloomingdale and although I love the neighborhood and the people, I have actually witnessed the roaming theives that come through here on a daily basis.with absolutely no fear of any consequences. Very disheartening asoect if this city. I was born here and have lived in New York as well.

  2. Dear Unknown

    How are criminals being rewarded for stealing? Just curious.

    1. Dear Unkown and FitnessgalDC. Stay strong. I was Born in Howard U right around the corner, raised in upper NW. Once they see you pull in a victimization shout online, they notice the kind of vulnerability. Keep documenting it. Bring it up to the next ANC meeting which is held next week on the 14th. I would suggest reporting the issue first before bringing it up to the ANC so that you have a documentation on hand. I used to be victimized for several package thefts. Still am getting missing orders not received at my location on occasions. I've reported it to the local authorities and have yet to make a detailed documentation to bring it up to the ANC. This is a process. Trust it as you go along. But be safe about doing it. Are they doing this in the day or at night?