Friday, April 08, 2016

chatting at the water cooler: so One Florida could possibly be tenanted with a Trader Joe's (street-level only) or a Whole Foods (whole building)

Thanks to Andrew Pendleton for commenting on my 04-07-2016 "what businesses typically fit into 28,000 square feet?" post -- regarding the One Florida proposal dropped on our laps earlier this week.

I have copied in his response below:

See this grocery store map to get a sense of scale:

The planned lower-level retail (18k square feet), if occupied by a single tenant, would be just a bit bigger than the
Trader Joe's at 14th and T (15k sf). It's about 3x as big as the Yes Organic Market at 14th and V (6k sf), or about a third the size of the Noma Harris Teeter (58k sf).

It doesn't seem like they're looking for a single tenant to occupy the whole building (28k sf), but if they did, it would be a little smaller in square footage than the
Foggy Bottom Whole Foods (36k sf).


  1. Well, it could also be a Roman Bath (part of the building) or perhaps a Bentley Distributor (entire building).

  2. I would love even having a small footprint full service grocery within Bloomingdale (even on the edge!) rather than going to Logan Circle or Shaw or NoMA for WF, Giant and HT. If we could attract one of those new 365 by Whole Foods "budget" stores they are trying out this year, that could work- I think the first one coming in Cali is in the 28K sqft range. TJ could also work well in the footprint, given the 14th one is a particularly small TJ.

  3. I just want to note that the developer's PUD extension has or will soon be expired as they did not get their required permits. If they did not start marketing, they would need to soon start to pay a vacant property tax rate. They may be serious about trying to attract a tenant, or they may be simply justifying paying a lower tax rate on this vacant land by showing that it is being actively marketed.