Sunday, April 10, 2016

delivered package on a front porch on 1st Street NW rifled through and an item stolen

See this 04-10-2016 message from a household on 1st Street NW up from Big Bear Cafe:

We had a package dropped on our porch today (Sunday) at about 1pm and someone came by and rifled through it and took one of the items. They were probably annoyed by the boring contents, but took our baby wipes as a sad consolation prize. 

Did you get any other reports of package thefts happening at around the same time today?

See this 04-11-2016 response:
My thinking is that some of these mail thieves follow the UPS trucks, and maybe the USPS trucks.  This past Friday my Zappos orthopedic shoes purchase was stolen within 1 hour of it being dropped on my basement apt steps on V St NW.   I know this because the tracking read that it was deposited  10:30, but by  time I came home at 11:30 - nothing was there. In January, a large box was stolen from California w sentimental things I had gathered in Nepal.  I normally try to make other arrangements for large or expensive things to get delivered elsewhere. But it boggles my mind the kind of stuff that you can't resell that gets stolen.
My advice is to send packages  to work or friends'- even the stuff you think no one would want!!

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