Monday, November 07, 2016

ANC5E06 Commissioner candidate Chad Hrdina "Elect Chad Hrdina for our community"

See this 11-07-2016 message from ANC5E06 commissioner candidate Chad Hrdina:

As you may be aware, my name is Chad Hrdina and I am running for ANC 5E06.  In an effort to connect with neighbors and ensure anyone whom I may not have yet reached receives at least some information to enable them to make educated election decisions tomorrow, I am sending a document that articulates my thoughts and goals on the needs of the Bloomingdale/Truxton Circle neighborhoods.  

If you don't mind, could you please forward the attached flyer to your Bloomingdale distribution list for their education on my positions so they may determine whether I am a good fit before they vote?   Thanks so much for your consideration.

Very Respectfully,

Chad Hrdina
Candidate for ANC 5E06

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