Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Max Moline's Bloomingdale Buzz: Crispus Attucks Park Clean-Up Day, DC Water water main replacement project, BCA updates

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Max Moline 
Everybody Everywhere
On Saturday, Nov. 19, Bloomingdale’s Crispus Attucks Park hosted its annual Fall Cleanup Day. Located on the block surrounded by First, V, North Capitol, and W streets NW, the park is maintained and operated solely by the local community. “Every fall and spring, in the park, we have a seasonal cleanup day,” said Crispus Attucks Treasurer Christopher Bulka, adding that the Spring Cleanup Day is generally held in March or April depending on the weather and when plants start to bloom. “Basically, we encourage community residents, and really anybody who knows about the park and wants to lend a hand, to join us,” he said.
The Latest from DC Water
Bloomingdale is now fully in the grips of DC Water’s improvement projects. While the changes will benefit residents long-term, the immediate impacts will lead to some inconveniences. Here is a breakdown of the latest.

The project is going to install more than 4,500 feet of water mains in the neighborhood, as well as replace lead service lines or others in need of replacement. Fire hydrants and valves will also be replaced, and roadways and sidewalks affected by the construction will be restored. The major water-main replacement is mostly on First Street, covering most of the street’s span from Channing Street to Rhode Island Avenue NW (as well as branching off a bit onto some side streets, including the entire 100 block of Adams Street).
BCA updates
The November meeting of the Bloomingdale Civic Association (BCA) featured an extensive discussion of the latest on the DC Water project. Concerns included parking restrictions and road closures, noise from Saturday construction, and noise from people driving over steel plates late at night.

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