Sunday, December 11, 2016

on YouTube from DC for Reasonable Development: "McMillan Park Groundshaking, Mayor Bowser, Dec 2016"

Someone had some fun creating this.

McMillan Park Groundshaking, Mayor Bowser, Dec 2016

Published on Dec 11, 2016
#mcmillanpark -- The people's victory befuddles elected officials and is heralded by preservationists and environmentalists. "The Court has ruled about governing law for DC's planning agencies, in that they must look at impacts from developments including land value destabilization and the environment," said Chris Otten with DC for Reasonable Development. "Key figures at the Office of Planning (OP) and Deputy Mayor's Office for Planning & Economic Development (DMPED) have for years ignored key planning rules to purposely profit connected developer networks. Today, the highest Court in the District has admonished the risks of ad-hoc development at the expense of the protections for existing DC residents."

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  1. I offer the heartiest and most-heartfelt congratulations to the Save McMillan Park team, especially Hugh Youngblood. This is envisioning something more than DC government graft-developer political pay-for-play pablum. it's envisioning something much greater. Bravo!!