Wednesday, February 01, 2017

package theft video from the Bates area

See this post at the Bates Area Civic Association Facebook page:

Greg Hegedus Kourosh
This guy stole your cheese. And then left it on our porch and took our packages. Guessing he and his friend took a bunch of packages on this spree:
Look familiar to anyone?
00:30 05:15:22 Walks by with friend east on bates
01:10 05:26:02 Walking north on 1st
01:20 05:16:11 Starts to enter - sees neighbor
02:09 05:17:01 Walking south on 1st
02:25 05:17:17 Takes packages. leaves cheese.



  1. It's becoming obvious to me that these video camera rebates are being sold as a panacea for crime when the reality is that they arent positioned or have sufficient resolution to identify anything or anyone.

  2. The camera quality looks great - but yes, the positioning is not great for facial recognition.

    The wide angle, insight to package thievery is fascinating, though.

  3. Serious suggestions:
    1) Put up a sign asking your package delivery person to deliver to somewhere out of sight from the street. In most Bloomingdale houses, asking that they deliver to the basement entrance helps immensely.

    2) If you're chronically being targetted, start setting up dummy packages. Take your old amazon/delivery boxes, fill them with rocks. Manure. Dirt. Fertilizer. Old leaves. Grass clippings. (Something easily biodegradable) Leave them out in the usual locations. thieves.

    3) Set the camera in a location that is of actual use. You want eye level. Set up so you can clearly see the walk up.