Thursday, February 02, 2017

Posting of Attachment - ZC Case 13-14 (McMillan - DCCA Remand)

From: Barnes, Dianne (SMD 5E09) [] Sent: Thursday, February 2, 2017 3:00 PM Subject: Posting of Attachment - ZC Case 13-14 (McMillan - DCCA Remand)

​Community Awareness:  Please review and share.

 Respectfully Submitted By,
 C. Dianne Barnes, Commissioner
 Cell: 202-409-7155

From: Schellin, Sharon (DCOZ) Sent: Wednesday, February 1, 2017 3:03 PM To: Glasgow Chip (; Shane Dettman (; Steingasser, Jennifer (OP); Lawson, Joel (OP); Henson, Jamie (DDOT); Chamberlin, Anna (DDOT); Wilson, Jay (DOEE); Simon, Gottlieb (ANC); Thomas, Charles (DCRA); Barnes, Dianne (SMD 5E09); ''; ''; '' (; Bergstein, Alan (OAG); Cohen, Christopher (OAG); Ritting, Jacob (OAG); Councilmember Bonds; Councilmember Grosso; Councilmember Silverman; Councilmember White; Mendelson, Phil (COUNCIL) Subject: ZC Case 13-14 (McMillan - DCCA Remand)

Attached is a copy of the Notice of Limited Scope Public Hearing for the above-referenced case.  Thanks, Sharon

Sharon S. Schellin
Secretary to the Zoning Commission
Office of Zoning District of Columbia Government 
441 4th Street, N.W.  |  Suite 200-S |  Washington, D.C.  20001
(202) 727-0340 direct  |  (202) 727-6072  fax   |

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