Tuesday, May 09, 2017

WDCEP DC neighborhood profiles, including North Capitol (which includes Bloomingdale)

Click on the link to see the long, long PDF of the DC neighborhood profiles from the Washington, DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP).

One of the 54 commercial corridors profiles is North Capitol, which includes Bloomingdale. 

I have provided below the first of the two pages for North Capitol.

A concise overview of the 54 commercial corridors of Washington, DC

The DC Neighborhood Profiles is a comprehensive tool to discover opportunities to start and expand businesses throughout Washington, DC neighborhoods.

WDCEP publishes an annual overview of the Washington, DC neighborhoods with insights into DC neighborhood characteristics  including number of grocery stores, cultural or art highlight, and detailed demographics and market intelligence.
“Each year, this publication provides an overview of the diversity of various DC neighborhoods and commercial corridors. We are excited each year to provide insight into the very fabric of Washington, DC’s neighborhoods. We can proudly show how DC is comprised of diverse, imaginative, and talented individuals that are not only investing in themselves, but in our city,” says Chad Shuskey, senior vice president of research and real estate, at WDCEP. Mr. Shuskey has led the research for the publication since its inception in 2001.
WDCEP works with
 the Office of Planning and Economic Development, the Office of Planning, 
and the Department of Small & Local Business Development of Washington, DC to determine which commercial corridors and nodes to profile. WDCEP does not define boundaries
 of neighborhoods, but generally tries to identify points of interest within reasonable proximity of the center of commercial corridor.

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