Friday, March 02, 2018

impact of historic neighborhood designation on home purchase prices

See this 03-02-2018 message from Bloomingdale resident JC Blount -- a neighborhood realtor -- and Bertha Holliday.  

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  1. I'm not really sure I understand the statistical analysis that is being employed here. You're just comparing the sale and per square ft prices in two abutting neighborhoods during the same time period. First, its a pretty small sample set. Second, wouldn't it have been more beneficial to compare all neighborhoods that went through and received HD status both pre- and post- status, controlling for the overall changes in the DC market (just regress those neighborhoods over the total market). This doesn't really tell me anything except that the average sale price in LD is lower than Bloomingdale (as is the average square footage in your small sample, so that would make sense) and that the average $/sq ft is higher in LD (also makes sense as slightly smaller homes have, on average, a higher $/sq ft than larger homes). I'm certainly not an expert in econometrics, and if I'm missing something, obviously tell me, but this doesn't seem like a correct statistical analysis.