Friday, December 28, 2018

a "restore McMillan Park" message

See this tweet:


MLD said...

Good thing then; they will be building a park as part of the redevelopment, if it's ever allowed to happen.

Daniel in brookland said...

Let us take control of our future, not sell it out. Its the DUMB growth coalition! MCPARK is bad planning for crumbs in front of a super market, and add 31,000 auto polluting cars,, some idea! How much traffic will thousands of NOMA units add, and how much congestion will 80 acres of development at AFRH add? Total it for us Matt. Add it up and get back to us at the DUMB GROWTH COALITION brought to you by VMP, Matthew?

A true "Emerald Necklace" was actually planned for parks and green swards by Sen. McMillan in 1905, and this proposed green sward up N. Capitol should help realize the foresight of The Senate Washington Parks Commission from over 100 years ago. Build a large Greenway "decking" over N. Capitol from NOMA metro to AFRH(Armed Forces Retirement Home 80 acre massive development, Save McMillan Park and serve all with a Monorail, clean efficient mass transit for all. help us at McMillan Park Conservancy 202-232-8391 or