Sunday, December 23, 2018

decking over North Capitol Street 2nd community open forum -- Saturday, 01-12-2019

Subject: Join Us For The Decking Over Of North Capitol Street - 2nd Community Open Forum - Sat. Jan. 12th

Who: The Bloomingdale Civic Association’s (BCA) Bloomingdale Village Square (BVS) Committee would like to invite you to the second Community Open Forum concerning the Decking Over of North Capitol Project. With an introduction by BCA President Teri Janine Quinn, the Forum will again be moderated by Thaddeus Thaler (BCA's BVS Government And Community Outreach Director), with contributions from BVS's Co-Chairs Dr. Bertha Holliday and Zach Sherif, and BVS board member Paul Cerruti.

What: Building off of the successful first Forum on November 3, 2018, we will have updated information from ZGF Architects who, through a pro-bono services agreement with the Bloomingdale Civic Association, has graciously been dedicating time to help visualize the project to ultimately assist the community with its pitch to stakeholders. Bloomingdale resident and ZGF architect Chris Somma will again join us, and will bring along new material that he has put together since the last meeting:

  1. An overall map of the entire corridor (satellite image), highlighting the particular area that we are looking into the for the Overdeck. Existing areas of interest will be highlighted and there will be an opportunity for attendees of the Forum to use stickers to tell us something about the neighborhood, e.g., areas needed for improvement (open space, safety, access, infrastructure etc). Attendees can also use the opportunity to express where we think there can be other opportunities.
  2. Images of what DDOT standard furniture currently is – something the public can expect as the possible furniture solutions that the District would be willing to maintain.
  3. Map of the full context of the area we are looking at (V St. through Seaton Pl.) – an opportunity for attendees to express what we are hoping to see in terms of programming in the space (e.g., pavilion for live music). The size of the Overdeck and possible opportunities for extension will be shown. 
  4. Images of the existing site.
  5. Precedent images (signifying program opportunities, aesthetics, context).  

The Forum will allow for more community input to guide the work of ZGF Architects moving forward with their work on visuals and deliverables on the exciting initiative to deck over North Capitol Street from V Street to Seaton Place with a pedestrian and bike friendly green way bridging once again the neighborhoods of Bloomingdale and Eckington.

When: Saturday, January 12, 2019 from 2:00 - 4:00 PM.

Where: St. Martin's Catholic Church in the Pioneer Room at 7 T Street NW, Washington, DC 20001. Entrance is on T Street NW, down some steps through the basement double doors.

For Whom: This event is open to all residents of Bloomingdale, Eckington, Edgewood, NOMA, Stronghold, and Truxton Circle. 


Daniel in brookland said...
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Daniel in brookland said...

solving the mass transit issue is critical to our future in ne. A decking over N.capitol reaching from NOMA metro to Armed Forces Retirement Home massive 80 acre development would be substantial urban greenway with Monorail transit to serve all of N. Capitol. Save McMillan Park for DC Wolf Trap, Glen Echo, Urban agriculture, sustainability demonstration site, public park.

Jenifer said...

I guess I dont understand what decking over means. Does it mean turning a stretch of North Capitol street into a tunnel? Guess I'd better go to meeting.