Wednesday, December 12, 2018

the Unified Scene Theater's first FREE stand-up comedy workshop show -- today, Wednesday, 12-12-2018

From: Shawn Westfall
Sent: Monday, December 10, 2018 11:00 PM

Wednesday Night at The Unified Scene Theater: The Train-Wreck: Our First (FREE) Stand-Up Comedy Workshop Show

Five weeks ago, a bunch of improvisors showed up to the The Unified Scene Theater and didn't do improv. Instead, they began workshopping and honing 5 minutes of stand-up comedy. Together they laughed, blanched, grimaced, laughed again, and basically gave each other support as they crafted a five-minute act. And now they're gonna do that act for you. Free, of course. 

Show up. Like, it might be a train wreck, but, hey, those are always entertaining. Right? Plus, it's free and all. Free train wreck -- we know, right? See you then! 

Participating in The Train Wreck: 

Charles Livermore 
Brian Duss
Mike Taylor
Ricky Barrios
Peter Kulcsar
Ray Flores
Matt Newsome
Joe Gagliardi
David Tress
Daniel Askariam
John Papageorgiou

Your host: Shawn Westfall

Show starts at 8 pm (doors open at 7:30). RSVP here:

Shawn Westfall
Artistic Director
The Unified Scene Theater

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