Tuesday, February 26, 2019

DDOT presentation materials from the Monday, 02-25-2019, Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting

From: Dalphy, Emily (DDOT)
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2019 4:13 PM
To: Scott Roberts outlook.com
Subject: RE: “1st Street NW Proposed Flexipost Bumpouts”

Good afternoon Scott,

I’ve attached copies of the presentation and handout from last night’s meeting. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Emily Dalphy
Transportation Engineer
Transportation Operations Administration
District Department of Transportation
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Washington, DC 20003
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e. emily.dalphy@dc.gov
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Jenifer said...

Am I correct in assuming that wheelchair accessibility is maintained through the curb extension piece and sufficient space through any poles? Cant tell from the pictures.....

randomd said...

It's cute, and preposterous that they think this will do anything except make parking harder. People are still going to zip down the street. And am I correct that there will be no bump-outs at V & W?

mellodcd said...

This seems like a good compromise to me. If the flexipost curb extensions work well, maybe DDOT will eventually make them permanent with new curb.

Vincent Verweij said...

It's a good way to get people used to potential future extensions, and to find out where pinch points might exist, before dedicating major funding to realigning the road.

zoozay said...

This is a joke, correct???

Prince Charming said...

The current plan calls only for the white painted bump out lines on the pavement, with plastic ballads and an average of 2 large planters at every intersection. DDOT will not paint the intricate painted designs on the pavement. Those designs would have to be decided and painted in the future by someone other than DDOT. Some intersections will loose maybe 5-18 feet of parking space because the residential parking signs are located too close to an intersection. TO accommodate bicyclists, there should be about 30 inches between the ballads and car traffic, so can bikes can safely pass between parked cars and moving car traffic. Speed bumps were discussed, but for now, that is not part of the plan. The intersections will remain handicapped accessible, as they currently are.