Thursday, April 18, 2019

Eater DC: Crisp to re-open as Hopscoth, an Italian bar with board games

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Bloomingdale’s Fried Chicken Place Is Turning Into an Italian Bar With Board Games

Crisp will re-open as Hopscotch as soon as it clears inspection

by Tierney Plumb 

Crisp, the Bloomingdale bar and restaurant known for its Nashville hot wings and chicken sandwiches, is scratching its longtime poultry theme. New owners of the two-story property plan to flip it into a new bar called Hopscotch (1837 1st St NW).

“We are thinking hops for beer, and scotch for liquor,” says Matt Mazzocchi, who’s teaming up with his dad, Tommy, to reopen the space as a neighborhood place full of board games (think Sorry and Trouble) and booze.

The duo is waiting for a business license and inspections with hopes to get up and running sometime next week.
Tommy Mazzocchi was most recently a 7-year employee at Dupont Circle sports bar Maddy’s, which recently flipped to Northside Tavern. Matt, 23, says he’s worked in the restaurant industry for 10 years.

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BCC said...

I humbly submit that the problem with Bloomingdale "hot spots" is that they want to charge downtown prices. It's really hard to build up a local clientele when it's too expensive to visit regularly. See: EC12/Spark, El Camino, Crisp Chicken, the failed restaurant that became Tyber Creek (which will, alas, probably fail too). Too expensive. The neighborhood needs inexpensive hangouts, and the restaurant rents don't support that. Whoever it planning to takeover Windows should pay close heed. Be cheap or be Michelin worthy or be gone.