Tuesday, April 23, 2019

vehicle crash at Florida and R Street NW -- today, Tuesday, 04-23-2019

See this 04-23-2019 message from a Bloomingdale resident:

I am reaching out as a fellow Bloomingdale neighbor about an accident at the corner of Florida and R Street this morning, just down from Big Bear Cafe.  My husband and I walk past this intersection daily on our way to work, and often think how dangerous it is for pedestrians - the sidewalk is dangerously close to very fast moving cars. Today, our fears were confirmed.  We were not there for the accident (and hopefully no one was hurt), but see the attached photo showing cars where pedestrians should be. 

This is not the only area in Bloomingdale where this is an issue.  For example, Rhode Island Avenue is a 5 lane highway during rush hour, and the sidewalk abuts the road directly. If one driver veers slightly or is nicked by a passing car, a driver could easily jump the curb and hurt or kill passing pedestrians.

Do you know who we could speak to about this concern?  There are so many pedestrians and even bikers in our corridor.  It would be nice to see them put first.  Can we look to replace some car lanes with bike lanes, add buffer zones on sidewalks, or otherwise slow down traffic to avoid inevitable accidents such as these? I’m open to ideas, but could use some suggestions as to who’s ears should be listening. 

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