Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Bloomingdale Farmers Market 2008 !


The Bloomingdale Farmers Markets resumes this Sunday 10-2.
100 Block of R Street NW

The market will run from 10am till 2pm each Sunday rain or shine, May 18th through November 23rd.

Senior and WIC GET FRESH checks are welcomed

Our theme this year is act Green, lets try to have a plastic bag free market. Please bring reusable bags or recycled store bags to haul the bounty of the Good Earth home. Buying locally grown or raised foods will help to reduce your annual carbon footprint by 11%. Using your own bags will reduce that amount even further. Ask about the new line of compostable single use cups and plates that the Big Bear Cafe plans to use. We are going to start a demonstration composting project at Emery Elementary school using the post consumer waste from the Big Bear.

who will be there?

Reid will have herb plants for sale
Truck Patch will have free range Pork and great spring salad greens
Bread Line Fresh baked breads

more info will come later in the week.


Anonymous said...

Okay, we went to the Bloomingdale Farmers' Market today, and to put it kindly, it was a disappointment. If we lived in the neighborhood maybe we'd buy an apple or two now and then. But five vendors? And w find it hard to believe the purveyors are really farmers. The shoppers were all Caucasian and Asian yuppies; no long-time African-American residents to be found probably because they know better.

bamoll said...


Please don't move to Bloomingdale.


Sandra Kay Miller said...

To anonymous...yes, we really are farmers and it takes a while for markets, just like any other business, to develop. When we started selling at the market last October, there were a dozen other vendors from whom customers could easily purchase the majority of their weekly groceries. We had all sorts of customers, not just the ones you described. We loved the customers and are looking forward to returning in the spring of 2009.

Deb Schober said...

When are you returning in the Spring of 2009? I'm anxiously awaiting...