Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fenty in Bloomingdale on Friday

Please be advised: Mayor Fenty will perform a walk through with members of the Seaton Pl Community: Friday, May 2, from 2 pm to 3 pm.

Meeting Location: In the alley between Seaton Pl and S St. NW at the end near First St. NW.

Issues to be addressed in the next 30 days before next walk through:

· Speed bumps on Quincy Pl and T St. NW (DDOT)
· Erect Gates in the easements in the alleys between T St. and Seaton and Seaton Pl and S St. NW (DDOT)
· Government actions on the property at 1814 and 1816 North Capitol St. NW (Apartment Building we toured) - (DCRA)
· Remove Latter on the building at 2nd and Florida Ave. (so people can't enter the building at the top) - DCRA
· Provide an update of the nuisance property list (DCRA)
· Remove Graffiti in all alleys between Quincy Pl NW and T St. NW (DPW)
· Continue two Fix-Its per month (MOCRS)
· Remove Abandon Cars on Private (Abandon Auto/ DPW) alleys
· Government Action on the property at 1727 First St. NW (DHCD)
· Continued Police Presence in the Area (MPD)



Clinton B. LeSueur
Office of Mayor Adrian M. Fenty
Ward 5 - NSC
202-671-0727 - Office
202-340-7141 - Cell
Clinton.LeSueur @

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