Thursday, May 19, 2011

3rd day in a row and no (snail) mail delivery on the 100 block of T St NW

See this message from a household on the 100 block of T Street NW:

We lost our mailman about a month ago and have a new one. This is the third day in a row we haven`t gotten any mail, which is highly unusual for us. I was just wondering if anyone else in the neighborhood was having similar problems.


Beth said...

I haven't gotten mail in a week! I live on 3rd and U, but the reason may be that I put in a mail forwarding order. However, it wasn't supposed to go into effect until next week. So I may or may not have the same problem (I've put a call into USPS).

Mari said...

Over in nearby Truxton our mail service has been spotty. I talked with one of my neighbors and he has trouble too. I left out my netflix envelope one day and it never got picked up and I didn't get mail. One envelope with a check we wanted to send was found in the alley. But my biggest headache are the bits of mail for other addresses. My willingness to walk over 1 block to deliver to the correct address is limited to 2x a year and I've hit it.

cavprincess said...

DC just installed bar code readers on several blocks (my house is the one on unit block of W Street). The mail carrier has to log in electronically. My mailman told me that USPS installed them to help inform customers where there mail is in the delivery cycle, but also intimated that it is really a mechanism to track the carrier. If you call the post office, you may be able to track the pattern on your block.

Jeremy said...

I live on the 100 block of T Street and have experience issues with mail delivery since the new guy came on. Some days we receive a TON of mail, others nothing. It's nice to see we're not the only ones. Maybe we all bombard USPS with complaints?

I do miss the old mail guy...

Sara said...

On R Street NE (between N. Capitol and 1st) we haven't received any mail since last Friday.

John said...

Hey, everyone,

On Friday, I spoke with Don Mumford, the carrier who had been handling the 100 block of T. He told me that, yes, many mail carrier routes have been changed to cut costs and the number of carriers. So Don now handles the blocks from RI south to about Randolph NW. You are very lucky people.

I told him about the problems that people have been having not getting mail, and he told me that he would speak to the new carriers in our area. Don is a very senior carrier and also a union leader so his word will carry a lot of weight. Let's see what happens. If you are still having problems with the mail after this week, please let me know.


John T. Salatti
Commissioner, ANC 5C04
Vice President, Bloomingdale Civic Association
(202) 986-2592

"Together, Building a Better Bloomingdale"

Jeremy said...

Thanks, John!

Jamey said...

From S Street between N Cap and First - we consistently receive a cacophony of random mail bound for all quadrants of washington dc - the other day my neighbor received a piece of mail destined for bermuda! bermuda! i've lived in many states/cities in the U.S. and DC is by far, hands down, the most inconsistent/spotty postal delivery i've ever known. don't get me started on the service/dispositions at the actual post offices. okay, i'm obviously passionate about DC's postal service but i'm rather confident that there is a large population of the dc postal service that has forgotten from where their paycheck derives. i am nostalgic for my childhood, pipe smoking mailman who actually knew the family name that inhabited the house (and we knew his) and received from us a well deserved tip at christmas. so i'm sure i've added little to this discussion but i feel less burdened. jamey