Monday, May 09, 2011

? need someone to cut your lawn, plant your flowers, clean your gutters or wash you car ? then consider Neil's Yard and Car Wash Services

Neils Yard and Car wash services
132 Adams St. NW
(202) then 607 followwed by 9468
kornelius94 @

Born a native Washington, DC, never got in trouble with the law, who lives and serve some of Bloomingdale area. I am just a young man in school trying to make an honest living. By using my talent and my skills. It would be a pleasure to beautify the community. cutting lawns, planting flowers, cleaning gutters, and washing cars.

I work with Mr. Wayne Johnson the neighborhood electrician. I have heard great and wonderful things about Mr. Johnson and how he serve this neighborhood for many years. I want to walk right in his footsteps. For future reference, you can call Wayne Johnson (202) 907 then 6163.

I would really enjoy and appreciate helping the Bloomingdale neighborhood.


Lyane said...

Called Kornelius to cut my lawn and plant my flower, he did a great job! nice respectful kid and very professional for his age. I hope he keep the good work! his number is 202-907-6163

neil anderson said...

thanks so much to everyobe who has called and will call in the future. this is neil tour guy. if there is any prolem tryin to email me my new email is